The Button Project

Motherhood is the ride of a lifetime.

Your commute shouldn’t be.

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“Let’s give commuting women on public transit a button to wear when they are expecting. London does it, and so does New York.

Why not Chicago?

Six years ago (6!?) this was the plea to the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) from expectant Chicago mom, Erin Fowler, now a mom of two. She even made a prototype in her efforts to ensure transiting mothers-to-be were given the respect (and seats!) they deserved.

::::6 years later::::

Megan Nufer, then pregnant and now a mom to a daughter born in May, reached out to the CTA with the same suggestion. To her surprise, they responded, saying buttons were on the way!

However, there was no distribution plan or launch date confirmed, so Nufer reached out to The Mom Project. Could we help?

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Yes, we can.

As an interim response, we’ve risen to the challenge to provide pins for pregnant women commuting until the CTA delivers (we are here for it and celebrate the effort, CTA!).

A limited edition run of 1,000 “Baby on Board” buttons have been created for expecting women in Chicago.

  • The buttons will be handed out at Goddess and The Baker (225 N LaSalle St) near the Clark & Lake CTA station on Tuesday, September 10th from 7:30AM – 9:30AM. If you would like one, meet us there!

  • If you can’t meet us in person, DM us your email address @the_mom_project on Instagram, and tag your friends to do the same.

“The Mom Project remains committed to helping women stay engaged in the workforce at every stage in their journey, which includes the way women commute to work, school, or anywhere they need to be. We firmly believe all moms work, and all expectant moms deserve a seat on public transit if they need one. It’s a small gesture with a big collective impact. We’re very excited for the CTA launch to more widely promote this initiative and hope this bridge of buttons ensures more women in Chicagoland arrive to their destinations with peace of mind,” says Colleen Curtis, Head of Community at The Mom Project.

Fellow passengers/colleagues: let’s build a better world for working mothers -- all mothers. Offer your seat, and take a stand.

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