Stories of motherhood, work and both at the same time.

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The Button Project

The Mom Project is launching an awareness initiative in Chicago with the goal to inspire public transportation commuters to offer their seats to expectant women.

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creative solutions

Joy Cho

One of TIME’s most influential people on the internet, Oh Joy!’s Joy Cho is simultaneously raising a successful business and two young daughters.

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the childcare challenge

Anne Halsall

The co-founder of Winnie has made it her mission to help other parents navigate the childcare system she struggled with as a new mom.

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the juggle is real

Rebecca Minkoff

Rebecca Minkoff is a global fashion entrepreneur and a feminist advocate. And she doesn’t think the 9-to-5 schedule is doing working moms any favors.

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go your own way

Sri Bodanapu

The multi-talented host of Big Little Choices both honors and challenges the traditional expectations of career and motherhood in her own life.

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Building the village

Jenny LeFlore

The local community connector behind Mama Fresh Chicago passionately works to bring families together and help new moms find a place where they belong.

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